4 comments on “A Shaggy Dog Story

  1. here here… the first thing i thought when i heard this album was these must be covers but i can’t place them.

  2. Well said, Webber and his flacid publication have been lurching Frankensteins for decades. I have nothing against these guys but even the look of them makes me cringe. Love the original stuff, no not BTO but 70s rock. Wanna see how it’s given the tip of the hat but with style? Try Opeth. RS hasn’t been relevant since the 70s maybe that’s why these lost souls are on the cover….

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  4. The Sheepdogs may or may not be worthy of a RS cover, but by this point in time how much music is truly original? Even the hippest of hipster bands have influences.

    As for the Guess Who, I’ll admit that while (in my mind) their ‘big singles’ were fantastic they have been played & played & played on Cdn radio… but have you ever listened to their albums? Having been very familiar with their greatest hits, I was very surprised & impressed when I finally heard the full studio albums.

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